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Multiple Drafts - The Website of Science Writer Dan Jones
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Welcome to Multiple Drafts, the website of science writer Dan Jones. Here you can find my articles, details of the freelance work I am available to do, contact information, and a bit about me.
Selected Recent Articles

How to be happy (but not too much). New Scientist 44–47 (25 September 2010).

Darwinian medicine: does intensive care kill or cure? New Scientist 46–49 (14 August 2010).

Evolvability: How to cash in on the genetic lottery. New Scientist 46–49 (26 June 2010).

A WEIRD view of human nature skews psychologists’ studies. Science 328, 1627 (25 June 2010).

Beyond torture: the future of interrogation. New Scientist 40–43 (06 March 2010).

Unpicking the brain. Prospect (March 2010).

The good, the bad, and the intentional. The Psychologist 22(8) 666–669 (August 2009).

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